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The Birth of “Fake Famous”

I was just telling Kay earlier this week how long it’s been since we’ve had an “epicly awesome night,” and low and behold the Shark Attack gods answered my prayers on Thursday night at Sandbar. I decided to bring my big camera- Dean- which led to the creation of yet another blog on my part (I seriously have a network of them that absolutely no onereads) called Fake Famous – It’s a Where’s Waldo of sorts. Explanation Below:

At Sandbar one night, I debated bringing my trusty camera “Dean” with me because it can be a little large and in the way sometimes. One of my roommates convinced me to take him last minute, and I haven’t looked back since. Once there, everyone I encountered wanted to know:

  • “Uhhh, like, why is your camera so big?”
  • “Are you a professional?”
  • “So, you like pictures huh?”
  • “Who do you work for?”
  • “Is this your job?”
  • “How do you work that thing?”

At the beginning, it was annoying. However, it soon blossomed into what would become constant entertainment as we discovered that everyone else loved having their picture taken just as much as we did (and sometimes more). So we decided to take advantage of their vanity, and take pictures with as many strangers as possible. The next day the results were hillarious, and my beautiful and brilliant roommate, Jackie dared me to start a blog documenting our adventures being paparazzi to the non-famous. The idea is that if you see anyone you know, you can direct them here so we can credit them/link to their facebook/ ask for their phone number/ make them famous too! And if you see us out at the bars come take a picture with Dean & Me!

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