I could not agree more with this entire thing. Wish I’d thought of it first!


20 Reasons I Loved & Hated 2012 (In No Particular Order)


  1. Jersey Shore was cancelled
  2. The Jayhawks’ Trip to the Final Four in New Orleans
  3. Everyone turned 21
  4. The Summer Olympics- Most Notably Ryan Lochte & The Womens Gymnastics Team
  5. Sporting KC Winning the US Open Cup
  6. The Announcement of 3 new Star Wars Movies
  7. KU Alpha Delta Pi 100 Year Anniversary
  8. Glee
  9. New Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and Maroon 5 albums
  10. Voting for the first time


  1. Gangnam Style
  2. Deb falling in love with Dexter
  3. Kony 2012: The Uber Fail
  4. Whitney Houston died
  5. KU losing to Kentucky in the Championship
  6. Mason Jars taking over the wedding industry
  7. Glee
  8. The Constant Presidential Election Facebook Whining (From Both Sides)
  9. Sorority Presidential Election Dramafest
  10. The writers of Once Upon A Time killed Graham

The Boom Boom Couple: It Was Bound to Happen Eventually *UPDATED*

Last month, the twitter/facebook/college-website world of Lawrence was buzzing about what was soon to be deemed “Boom Boom Couple;” A pair of 19-somethings who got drunk on Halloween-not unlike everyone else in this town- and got down and dirty in the Boom Boom Room at the Hawk.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Boom Boom Room is one of six locations in the Hawk, each with their own bar and DJ. These rooms consist of

  • Main Bar- Creative name, self-explanitory. Includes the largest dance floor (with pole), nicest bathrooms, booths, tables, & some kind of arcade game that no one actually plays. Located On ground level with one of the doors to the patio.
  • Pine Room- The second room to open as capacity increases, the Pine room has the other door to the patio (and usually a shorter line), Wooden booths and tables line one side of the wall, with a bar on the other. Creative decorating by the locals in the form of what I like to call “Sharpie Art” make the wooden finish almost impossible to see, but Vandalism Room doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. This room also includes the smallest bathrooms in the place, including the women’s room which features two toilets and no divider. Get ready to make new friends in line!
  • “Downstairs”- Sometimes also referred to as the patio, this area is down the stairs and outside, although it does have some kind of tin roof to keep out the rain, snow, pouring down of puke from close-by senior houses, etc.It’s the only area where it’s both socially & legally acceptable to smoke. The Bar down here tends to move a little faster than upstairs, maybe because they’re just trying to stay warm. However, their shots also tend to taste terrible (I have a feeling this is where they put the new bartenders).
  • The Martini Room- The classiest part of the Hawk is like saying something is the cleanest bart of a bathroom, but whatever- that’s what the Martini room is. No dance floor really, just higher tables, a bar with what I like to call “medium shelf” liquor and some leather couches that are sticky no matter what. The Martini room is also the only place in the hawk that uses actual glasses as opposed to plastic cups.
  • The Boom Boom Room- Finally, the CDC hotspot scene of the crime. The Boom Boom Room is probably best described as the dance club room in the Hawk. It is definitely the darkest, with a lightshow that rivals a bassnectar concert, and more diseases than the anyone would care to admit.

There’s a reason that the Boom Boom is always the last room to open at the Hawk. It’s where you find yourself at the end of the night. The people dancing in their look like drunken versions of those flailing kite men that they inflate outside of Car dealerships after a Hail Sale. It’s gross, it’s cheap, & its what makes the Hawk, the Hawk. So on Halloween, when the undeRAGErs came out in full force, it was no surprise that the Boom Boom was up and running. The difference this time is that things got a little too out of hand for even the crowd at the Jayhawk Cafe. And this time, there’s incriminating evidence. What resulted spread at a speed unmatched by the KU Track Team. Tweets with three different pictures of the couple in various positions went around, as well as screenshots of both of their facebook profiles. The Boom Boom Guy already has a parody twitter account and was even interviewed on the radio shortly following that weekend. The  Boom Boom Girl has virtually gone off the grid, but apparently is a Freshman from Manhattan. Rumor has it that she’s transferring altogether at Semester. Pictures also showed up on BarStoolSports.com and the hashtag #BoomBoomCouple was even trending in Lawrence.

It’s really interesting to see the difference between the slut blasting of the female in this picture versus the hail to the dude in the very same one. This is not to say that they are the first couple to attempt such shenanigans, nor will they be the last. Unfortunately, its just not as easy to get away with as it used to be. Either way, I think this should serve as a lesson to us all. Memories are fleeting, but instatweeted pictures are forever.

Not quite sure how I missed this before, but apparently some people went above and beyond with their Halloween Costumes, and decided to BE the boom boom couple. Talk about a quick turnaround.
She even got the right pair of socks!

An Open Letter to Bill Self & his Jayhawks

I’m sure you get more fan mail than Santa in December, so I don’t know if this will ever reach any of you, but I’m writing everything down anyway if only for posterity’s sake. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a member of Jayhawk Nation, an enrolled student at KU, & perhaps most importantly for this letter; your campaign manager. You may be thinking, “I don’t remember authorizing that hire?” Or you may even be wondering why you need one? The truth is its a role I was destined to play.

A fourth generation Jayhawk, I have followed KU Basketball my whole life. I remember learning the fight song before the national anthem, saying “Rock Chalk” before learning to recite my address or phone number, and watching March Madness with my mother and grandmother, wishing more than anything to follow exactly in their footsteps that lead to Lawrence. Now it is my fourth and final year at the University, and frankly I can’t believe it’s almost over.

So thank you Bill Self & Your Jayhawks, for becoming a team that has been one of my only constants these past years. While my roommates changed, my major switched back and forth, and the football program burned through 3 coaches (and counting), I knew I could count on my Basketball Boys to deliver. Thank you, for continuing the traditions of a program that never sets the bar below the roof of Allen Fieldhouse. I know it can’t be easy, KU fans aren’t easily pleased-myself included. Thank you for representing a sense of class that we expect to be upheld by any of those remembered eight legacies that call themselves Kansas coaches. Thank you for building teams that I can believe in, fight for, and stand behind. I never once uttered the words “rebuilding year” in 2011-2012. When My friends from other schools asked me if we would make it in to the tournament, I simply corrected them: we were going to the championship.

Thank you Allen Fieldhouse, for being a building that I have never left without a smile on my face, save for one exception; for being a place where I have felt more passionate, inspired, comradery then anywhere else ever. I’ve laughed, cried, jumped up and down until I couldn’t feel my legs, sat ripping newspaper for hours, hugged perfect strangers, and lost my voice from screaming. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also slept more hours than I could count inside of 1651 Naismith Drive. The week before the K-State game I spent more time on our camping group’s air mattress than I did in my own bed. I wish that I could tie one specific memory to that magical building; The second we went into overtime at the last border war, the Ohio State game, the time I watched a proposal occur across the court, the countless senior speeches that made me cry- Damn you Sherron- and laugh, or one of the exhibition games against a small school that felt more like an all-star dunk contest. But I can’t, there’s simply too many.

Which leads me to the Jayhawk Video team, thanks for making my heart swell whenever I hear “Dream On.” At the beginning of every game, my friends and I compare our goosebumps as the “Requiem for a Dream” theme plays with flashing images of our Hawks proudest moments. We wait for all our favorite parts to jump up and down, like popcorn kernels ready to explode with excitement. Every one, is somehow better than the last. You truly are talented and under-appreciated, and I cannot wait to see the magic you will produce with those new HD screens.

Finally to the team, and most importantly: my fellow Seniors. Thanks for it all. For sticking it out when you might have had the talent to leave earlier, for enduring stares and points from those on campus who couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing you “in real life.” For being patient with thousands of autograph seekers and picture takers everywhere. Thanks for working your hardest to represent Kansas the way we see it: as the absolute best. Not all of you are hometown boys, so adjustments no doubt had to be made in the move, but you handled it with grace and poise. Thanks for waking up early and practicing even when you didn’t want to, and most importantly for giving your all-every day.

And so as I enter in to my senior season of KU Basketball, it comes with the bittersweet feeling that a part of this will all soon be over. My love and adoration for Jayhawk Basketball will never fade. But it will certainly be different to sit somewhere that isn’t behind the baskets, imagine getting in to a game without camping days in advance, and to call myself an Alumnus instead of a student. This year Senior night will partially belong to my peers and I, as we start our journeys into the “real world” that most of us have been simultaneously dreading and looking forward to.

And since they won’t announce my name or let me give a senior speech to express my gratitude to Kansas Basketball that night, I’m doing it a little early. THANK YOU to all who have given themselves to this team. Thank you for making me happier than anything or anyone else ever has. I truly believe that only together, We are Kansas.


The Girl with the “Bill Self for President” Sign

The Birth of “Fake Famous”

I was just telling Kay earlier this week how long it’s been since we’ve had an “epicly awesome night,” and low and behold the Shark Attack gods answered my prayers on Thursday night at Sandbar. I decided to bring my big camera- Dean- which led to the creation of yet another blog on my part (I seriously have a network of them that absolutely no onereads) called Fake Famous – It’s a Where’s Waldo of sorts. Explanation Below:

At Sandbar one night, I debated bringing my trusty camera “Dean” with me because it can be a little large and in the way sometimes. One of my roommates convinced me to take him last minute, and I haven’t looked back since. Once there, everyone I encountered wanted to know:

  • “Uhhh, like, why is your camera so big?”
  • “Are you a professional?”
  • “So, you like pictures huh?”
  • “Who do you work for?”
  • “Is this your job?”
  • “How do you work that thing?”

At the beginning, it was annoying. However, it soon blossomed into what would become constant entertainment as we discovered that everyone else loved having their picture taken just as much as we did (and sometimes more). So we decided to take advantage of their vanity, and take pictures with as many strangers as possible. The next day the results were hillarious, and my beautiful and brilliant roommate, Jackie dared me to start a blog documenting our adventures being paparazzi to the non-famous. The idea is that if you see anyone you know, you can direct them here so we can credit them/link to their facebook/ ask for their phone number/ make them famous too! And if you see us out at the bars come take a picture with Dean & Me!

Rock the Casbah

Did you know that the restaraunt you’re standing outside- The Casbah- has been occupied by many different businesses, but they’ve all somehow kept the same name?

Currently The Casbah is primarily used for The Burger Stand, one of the best places to get burgers in Lawrence The US  THE ENTIRE WORLD THE UNIVERSE, but before that it was a vegetarian market. The Casbah & Nice Cafe resided here until sometime post-2009, when the burger stand moved in. On the lower level of the Casbah, there was an art studio with art for sale!

The Casbah Market is a new ALL vegetarian grocery store specializing in affordable organic and local produce and packaged goods. Not your typical grocery store, the Casbah is decorated with highly polished natural wood, hand-blown glass lighting, and off-beat artwork. There is also the Jamaican-inspired Nice Café located inside the store that is very nearly all organic and mostly vegan. The menu features a jerk-style tofu, rice and peas, terrific salads, fresh juices, and much more. It is primarily take-out, but all the to-go containers are 100 percent compostable and made from renewable resources. The café is also available for catering.


Before that, The Casbah has housed LuLu’s Noodles, which eventually moved to the Westport-Kansas City area, and has now become very successful. See more here:

Before even that existed, The Casbah was a bead and bohemian clothing store,

Ahh, the Casbah. Back in the day I remember when the Casbah was a bead store! That’s right. No organic goodies, no freaky downstairs art, just beads and clothes and maybe some art and of course, that squeaky floor.


One of the greatest things about Lawrence is it’s rich history and culture. The Casbah is just one example of a location on Mass that has gone through transformation after transformation of perfect niche for the current community culture.

(c) John Steinmetz

4th Year, 3rd Football Coach

This year marks the beginning of “A New Era” in KU Football. Charlie Weis (See “Our Coach Can Eat Your Coach: The Sequel”) is starting his first year. And luckily for him, the expectations are pretty low. All he really has to do is improve on his predecessor, Turner Gill’s record of 2 wins. He doesn’t even have to beat Mizzou because they are too busy getting ground to a pulp in the SEC they are no longer in our conference, and we will not be scheduling any games against them in the near future.

So let’s take a look at how old Chuck is doing so far:

  • vs SDSU: W, 31-17
  • vs Rice: L, 25-24
  • vs TCU: L, 20-6

Let’s face it, the first game of the season was basically our only expected win. However, the Rice Game would not have surprised anyone had we come out victorious. The match-up versus Texas Christian University begins the long downward spiral that is and from now on will be called The Slaughter Conference Season. I for one would like to come into this with a positive attitude, but I can’t help but pull from previous experiences. After looking it up, I see that in my time at KU (3 Football Seasons thus far) our record is 10-26. Which, all in all doesn’t sound too bad! We are still 0-3 in football coaches, but only time will tell there.

Next week brings our first away game. The first week without tailgates, A Friendly atmosphere, and the athletes sleeping on their own beds. So here’s my proposition, fellow Jayhawks: Cheer On the Losers. After all, isn’t that why we all love those underdog movies they keep making on Disney Channel? And who do they have to play for if there’s no one there to cheer them on?

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