My thoughts on New Years Eve Traditions!

Srat Living

Well Kids, it’s the New Year which means its time for some new clothes! So bust out that Christmas money and get ready to spend it like gas is only $3 a gallon!

First up: resolutions. Let’s face it, making up New Year Resolutions is like picking something to give up for Lent. You’re looking for something that won’t be so hard that you’re actually making a sacrifice, but not something so easy that people who hear about it will instantly judge you for your laziness. You’re looking for secret laziness here. That’s the key to a perfect resolution. For example; if you’re looking to get healthier this year, there are do’s and don’ts. Let’s face it, you want to look good come spring break, and you probably already bought your bikini for the season because Target (c) had to go and put them out in DECEMBER, as if you…

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